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Customer Testimonials

  • Rosa Lopez, Downey
    Maria, such a great person humble, caring and understanding to my needs. I would recommend Maria to my friends and family; she did such an amazing job. Maria was always there for me, if I had any concerns and or questions. My first property sell and had... Read more »
  • James Bristow 10934 Flory St Whittier ca
    Rosa, Had to deal with very aggressive and pushy realtors on the buyers side, but she held her professionalism throughout the process. I was very satisfied with her follow through on the process.... Read more »
  • Yolanda H Gonzalez 4242 W Purdue Ave Phoenix, A Z 85051
    Mr. Cruz did a truthful home inspection to be sure that everything was according to the City Code. After I took care all the things that needed to be changed and replaced, Mr. Cruz did a second inspection. I think that it's very important for sellers to be guided by... Read more »
  • Daniel Davis, Ontario Ca
    •I would recommend him to family/friends •Didn't have any problems •Easy and fast experience... Read more »
  • Wendy
    Víctor soto is knowledgeable with a great attitude. He was always on time when he would schedule me an appt. Great negotiator.... he was a great broker Thanks... Read more »
  • Robert Gordon Whittier CA
    Art made the process easy & stress free. Never hesitating to make an extra effort.... Read more »
  • Patricia, University Hills Los Angeles
    Arlene is an honest and savvy realtor who truly does have the seller's best interest. He was able to bring in qualified buyers and good foot traffic. Docusign is an excellent tool which facilitated my home sale.... Read more »
  • Jean Kim, Monterey Park, CA
    She was very responsive and NEVER left us hanging whenever we had a question or needed her help with inspections or other access to the property.... Read more »
  • Mina Paredes, Montebello
    I have known Armando for quite a while and have also used him in selling other properties. Armando has always done an excellent job. Armando works with you and totally understands your needs. He has all the qualities you want in a realtor. He is very... Read more »
  • Alejandro Gonzalez, Compton
    Thank you for patience and for being friendly. I am also thankful for your dedication for helping me to complete my dreams of my new home. From The Gonzalez Family... Read more »