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CENTURY 21 Allstars’ Joseph Villaescusa Sheds Light on Procuring the Right Mortgage

Joseph Villaescusa, a California-based real estate broker, understands that buying a home is a major decision. Not only are they major investments, but potential homeowners are also purchasing a future. Buyers need to make sure they are getting the most for their money, especially when mortgages add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is no better time to purchase a home now that the housing market is on the rise. Like other industries, real estate is influenced by the job market and other financial trends. As the job market hit record lows a few years ago and fewer…
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Joseph Villaescusa: How New Homeowners Prepare for Loan Approval

Carrying more than 26 years in the real estate industry, Joseph Villaescusa serves as a top-rated broker and CEO at CENTURY 21 Allstars—a comprehensive firm based in California. Having thoroughly invested in the real estate industry as a business executive, Villaescusa is focused on reminding consumers of the merits on buying property and how it can be achieved strategically. While many Americans have life-long dreams of owning a home, he explains that it is important for serious consumers to take more control over their preparation to purchase, such as by applying for mortgages effectively. The Changing Real Estate Market and…
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Joseph Villaescusa on Crowdfunding in Real Estate

After experiencing such difficulty over the last half decade, Joseph Villaescusa is finally starting to see a reemergence of the real estate market. It is certainly not the boom that was experienced a decade ago, but it is showing more signs of life and hopefully progress towards a full recovery. Joseph Villaescusa, a successful real estate broker/owner for Southern California and currently the CEO of the top real estate firm in the United States, notes some promising trends that indicate some positive momentum for the embattled real estate market. One of these promising trends is the new approval for crowdfunding.…
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Joe Villaescusa | Real Estate on the Rebound

Five years after the housing market crashed and the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the well-known mortgage lender and investment bank, new regulations and an improving economy have helped the real estate market to slowly regain its footing, says Joe Villaescusa, owner of Century 21 All Stars in Pico Rivera, Calif. California and several other states saw home prices tumble and foreclosed homes sold for small fractions of their worth after the 2007 housing market collapse. Other states where the unemployment rate didn’t take as large of a hit saw steady sales and price levels, Joe Villaescusa said. Since 2007, the…
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Joe Villaescusa Says Real Estate Increasingly Paperless

While there are still classifieds out there, the majority of customers are using phones and computers to conduct business instead, according to Joe Villaescusa. There are more ways than ever for potential customers to view and share information about properties. Mobile devices are playing a huge role in the process, and they are expected to overtake computers as the main devices for home browsing in as soon as two years. Potential customers are also heading online to look for information about real estate agents and what communities they are adept and not adept to sell in. The huge boom in…
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Buyers Face Tough Real Estate Competition

While home sales are showing gains and prices are rising, the inventory of foreclosed properties is getting smaller, attracting homebuyers and real estate investors alike, says Joe Villaescusa, CEO and President of Century 21 Allstars in Pico, Rivera, Calif. In addition, some areas are seeing an increase in the supply of houses for sale. The S&P/Case Schiller Home Price Index showed in August that the National Index increased 10.1 percent over the past four quarters and that Los Angeles and San Francisco have posted gains in home sales for the past 15 months, as have Las Vegas and Phoenix, Joe…
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Joe Villaescusa Says Rebound But No Bubble For Real Estate

Many of those in the real estate market are constantly on the lookout for the next bubble, says Joe Villaescusa. “The bubble” is a feared reference to the collapse that occurred in 2009 when over-valued homes and an over-inflated stock market popped and threw the country into recession. Now, wary investors are pointing to the increase in home prices as another bubble ready to pop even though there are a multitude of easy eye tests to prove otherwise. After the crash in 2008 home values began a slow chugging recovery. Recently, however, home prices have began to rise quickly and…
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Joseph Villascusa Boosts Home Values with Simple Strategies

As the head Broker at his California real estate company, Joseph Villascusa has almost three decades of experience with selling homes on the real estate market. As such, he knows what can help a home sell faster and easier and what can guarantee a lengthy sit on the real estate listings with nary an interested buyer in sight. A recent article from Fosters explains how some home improvement projects can help boost the resale value of a home while others may end up being largely a waste of investment on that front. To help homeowners focus more on the former,…
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Joseph Villaescusa Boosts Home Resale Values

As a professional real estate Broker with more than two and a half decades of experience, Joseph Villaescusa knows the secrets that help homes sell quickly and at their highest values. Too often for too many homeowners, putting their home up for listing means playing both a waiting game and a guessing game. They wait indefinitely for a potential buyer to come along and consider their house. All the while, they must guess at what it is that these buyers want to see from their homes and how best to accommodate them preemptively. “Even in a healthy real estate market,…
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Joseph Villaescusa Exposes Industry Secrets for Swift Home Sales

One of the leading real estate brokers in the United States, Joseph Villaescusa, wants to help homeowners find ways to sell their homes more effectively. The real estate market as of late has been through a good deal of trouble and fluctuation, but is beginning to get back on its feet. Mortgage rates are lower than ever, driving prospective home buyers back out into the market to snatch up the deals while they can. Despite this, many home sellers still face problems when putting their properties up for market. These issues range from attracting no interest to turning away those…
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