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Joseph Villaescusa Boosts Home Resale Values

As a professional real estate Broker with more than two and a half decades of experience, Joseph Villaescusa knows the secrets that help homes sell quickly and at their highest values. Too often for too many homeowners, putting their home up for listing means playing both a waiting game and a guessing game. They wait indefinitely for a potential buyer to come along and consider their house. All the while, they must guess at what it is that these buyers want to see from their homes and how best to accommodate them preemptively.

“Even in a healthy real estate market, this process can easily take several long months of homeowners patiently waiting with their lives on hold until a buyer finally comes along,” says leading real estate broker Joseph Villaescusa. “With the real estate market only now beginning to climb out of the recent troubles that it has been in, selling a house through real estate listings has only become more difficult, the wait even longer and even more uncertain.”

Luckily, says Villaescusa, there are several steps that any homeowner can follow to drastically improve the market appeal of their home and improve its odds of selling.

“The first consideration, and the one that so many market value improvement advice comes back to, is the staging of a home,” claims Villaescusa. “The curb appeal of a property is the first thing that prospective buyers notice, and the way a home is staged and shown goes a long way toward whether that home can retain the buyer’s interest once it initially captures it.”

In order to help homeowners increase this appeal for real estate showings, Joseph Villaescusa offers the following tips to home sellers.

Get Referrals – The best way for homeowners to learn what works when staging a home is to ask others what they think of the home. Ideally, professionals like the real estate agent will be able to give advice and opinions on this matter. If such a person is not available, homeowners should reach out to friends whose tastes and opinions they trust on the matter.

Paint – The quickest way to completely change the look and feel of a room is to paint it. Unlike many other home improvement projects, painting is relatively cheap and simple, and anyone can do it.

Create Storage – “One thing that almost every prospective buyer wants out of a room is plenty of storage space,” explains Joseph Villaescusa. When decorating a room for showing, consider adding shelves and other decorative storage furniture. If a room has no closet, consider investing in an armoire or cabinet.

Clean – This should be an obvious piece of advice, but it bears emphasizing. Dirty or cluttered spaces will turn buyers off from even the most appealing of houses.

Joseph Villaescusa Stresses the Importance of Proper Home Maintenance

“Of course, all of the expert staging in the world will do your house no good if it’s broken or has fundamental flaws,” warns Joseph Villaescusa. “Pleasingly arranging the furniture in a room will offer little positive distraction if the floor itself is flooded or moldy. Staging is the icing on the cake. First, you have to make sure the cake is even edible.”

This, says Villaescusa, means performing regular and routine home maintenance to keep a house operating smoothly and without any basic or structural damages. The quickest and easiest way to solve a problem is by implementing measures to prevent it before it arises; thus, routine maintenance is of exponential importance. To this end, Joseph Villaescusa offers homeowners these quick and easy preventative maintenance tips to better protect them against needing more complicated and in-depth advice or assistance later.

Keep the gutters clean and free of debris. While this is a commonly hated chore, it becomes even worse if it is put off until it is suddenly absolutely necessary. “Dirty, clogged gutters not only look bad from a curb appeal standpoint, but they can also damage a house,” warns Joseph Villaescusa. “Improper water runoff can cause water damage on and inside walls or, in particularly bad cases, even flood basement floors.”

Clean up natural debris like leaves and lawn clippings from around central air conditioners every season. Check the condenser and make sure that it stays clean as well.

Vacuum the exhaust ducts of clothes dryers at least once a year. If these ducts are not made of rigid metal, replace them with some that are. Other materials present fire hazards.

Check the condition of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors regularly, and replace the batteries at least once a year. “Nothing ruins a home’s value like a sudden fire,” says Joseph Villaescusa.

Replace the filters in a home’s furnace every quarter or as otherwise instructed by the furnace’s manufacturer.

At least once a year, check the condition of the home’s weather stripping and inspect the caulking on doors and windows.

If the home has a fireplace, clean and inspect the chimney at least once a year.

By utilizing these simple maintenance practices, homeowners can keep their homes in peak condition. Once that is done, they can focus on dressing it up for the market. By paying attention to these two key areas, says Joseph Villaescusa, homeowners can make their properties stand out tremendously above other listings in their area.