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Joseph Villaescusa Exposes Industry Secrets for Swift Home Sales

One of the leading real estate brokers in the United States, Joseph Villaescusa, wants to help homeowners find ways to sell their homes more effectively. The real estate market as of late has been through a good deal of trouble and fluctuation, but is beginning to get back on its feet. Mortgage rates are lower than ever, driving prospective home buyers back out into the market to snatch up the deals while they can.

Despite this, many home sellers still face problems when putting their properties up for market. These issues range from attracting no interest to turning away those prospective buyers that do show up. “While selling a home has become easier than it was until fairly recently, it is still not objectively easy,” explains expert real estate broker Joseph Villaescusa. “Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that the average person will make in their lifetime. More often than not, your home can’t simply be good enough for the market. It has to be a perfect fit for the family that eventually buys it.”

To give themselves a competitive edge in the home resale market, many homeowners invest in home improvement projects with the intent of increasing the value of their home and making it more attractive to buyers. However, like the market itself, improving a home for real estate listings sounds much easier than it actually is.

“Home improvements take great amounts of time, money, and energy,” explains Joseph Villaescusa, “but if you invest all of that in the wrong area, then it could easily wind up being all for naught. Then you’re right back where you started at but with a lighter bank account to show for it.”

To help homeowners avoid these potential pitfalls of home improvement mistakes when revamping their homes, Joseph Villaescusa shares some proven tips from the real estate industry. This advice should be able to help any homeowner increase their odds of turning the real estate market’s passive dismissal into active interest.

Seek Professional Help

The best, smartest, easiest, and most obvious thing a homeowner can do to improve their home’s selling odds is to talk to an industry professional about the matter. This doesn’t just mean finding a real estate agent, it means finding the right real estate agent. “Each real estate professional has different strengths, approaches, and attitudes,” says Joseph Villaescusa. “An agent that is phenomenal at selling ranch housing might not be so good at selling fixer-uppers. Agents also tend to specialize in certain areas or price ranges.”

Because of this, says Villaescusa, it is important that home sellers find the agent that best fits their individual needs. Once they do, they can receive expert and individualized advice for their unique home situation.

Start with Curb Appeal

“The first impression that any potential buyer will receive of your house is the one they get when they pull up to it from the street,” explains Joseph Villaescusa. “Because of this, the appearance that a home projects is incredibly important in determining how well or easily it sells.”

For homeowners, this means focusing on cosmetic improvements to the outside of the home before cosmetic improvements on the inside. Keeping lawns mowed and gardens tended is also important during the home showing process.

Clean out Clutter

Cleaning should be an obvious step to the process for any homeowner. Buyers are less likely to look twice at a home that has not even been given a basic cleaning before they show up, as this can be indicative of more serious problems lurking just below the surface of things. It also shows a lack of attention on the part of the homeowner that may translate into a lack of proper upkeep in the buyers’ minds.

Organizing and uncluttering both the inside and outside of a home is equally important for a clean, well-maintained look. “It may be your family home, but you don’t want it to look like the family just left moments before the buyers showed up,” advises Joseph Villaescusa. “Instead, try to stage your home as if it were a series of luxury hotel rooms – clean, crisp, and spacious, but with style.”

Joseph Villaescusa Lists Common Value Increasing Improvements

All of this so far has been general information that any homeowner can apply to just about any situation. As each home seller’s circumstances are unique, professional guidance for the specifics is often a necessary asset.

There are, however, several common home improvements that are much more likely to translate into improved home sales than others. These improvements include the following.

The Basic Systems

Before homeowners start tearing out walls or replacing countertops and light fixtures, they should first look to the condition of the basic systems on which their homes depend. “Homeowners want to be able to take these basic internal workings for granted,” explains real estate expert Joseph Villaescusa. “All the fancy aesthetics in the world won’t sell a home if the basic systems are unreliable.”

Because of this, Villaescusa recommends that home sellers start with the unnoticed necessities of their homes before moving on to individual rooms. These include:

  • The Roof
  • The Siding
  • The Heating and Air Conditioning
  • The Plumbing

The Popular Rooms

This is not to say, however, that improving individual rooms will not yield good returns for home improvers. While each room is more of a gamble depending on specific situations, the two rooms that have been most proven to benefit from a refit are the kitchen and the bathroom. “These are the rooms that most new homeowners tend to focus on themselves after purchase,” reports Villaescusa. “As such, if these rooms come pre-improved, that’s a major bonus in their eyes.”

Again, however, very few improvements are guarantees of increased resale value. Some carry obviously higher odds of increasing market interest, but specific circumstances remain important considerations. The best thing that homeowners can do for themselves in these situations is to contact an industry professional like Joseph Villaescusa for personalized, expert guidance.