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Joseph Villascusa Boosts Home Values with Simple Strategies

As the head Broker at his California real estate company, Joseph Villascusa has almost three decades of experience with selling homes on the real estate market. As such, he knows what can help a home sell faster and easier and what can guarantee a lengthy sit on the real estate listings with nary an interested buyer in sight.

A recent article from Fosters explains how some home improvement projects can help boost the resale value of a home while others may end up being largely a waste of investment on that front. To help homeowners focus more on the former, the article offers some simple tips when deciding what to invest in with a home improvement project.

First, says the article, homeowners should consider all buyers when making an improvement with long term resale in mind. Not all buyers have need of all features, and additions to a home that they do not want will bring the value down in their eyes, not up.

Over improvement is another pitfall to watch out for, says the article. This means splurging for fancy finishes that do not match the overall price range of the property in question, such as lavish quartz countertops in an otherwise modest home in a modest neighborhood.

The article also stresses the importance of curb appeal, i.e. how nice a home looks from the outside. Real estate broker Joseph Villascusa takes it a step further and advises homeowners to also look to the interior appeal of their properties to make sure that first impressions stick beyond the front doorway. “Imagine your in-laws visiting,” advises Villascusa. “How prepared would you have your home? Start with the interior of your home, unclutter closets, pantries, bathroom/kitchen cabinets, the laundry room, and the garage. Remove any items stored under the beds and keep the interior tidy and nice. I can’t tell you how many times buyers have commented on how unprepared some sellers are when showing their property.”

Curb appeal, however, is still just as important, Villascusa admits. “The entrance of your home is a focal point,” he points out. “Create an inviting look by planting colorful flowers. Also, mow the lawn and water the grass and garden a couple of hours prior to the showing of your home to give it a fresh, settled look. Little things like this can make a huge difference and help show your home’s best features.”

When in doubt, says the article, homeowners may do best to simply consult with an expert such as a real estate appraiser or agent. Real estate professionals like Joseph Villascusa can assist homeowners in gauging the best ways to get their properties off of the market and into escrow.